Is it harder to own a business or to work for a business owner?

Jul 31, 2023

Is it harder to own a business or to work for a business owner?

Is it harder to own a business or to work for a business owner?

Unraveling the Complexities of Owning a Business

I'm nearly as sure as my Dalmatian, Max, chasing his tail, that owning a business is no cakewalk. You know those grand notions of the boss lounging around while basically playing a game of "Work-flow Tetris" - well, they're about as accurate as Luna, my Tabby cat, becoming the next Beethoven. Has she shown an uncanny interest in the piano? Absolutely, but there's a lot of work to be done before she reaches symphony-level compositions.

In a business owner's case, substantial work involves decision making, risk-taking, management, planning, and a whole lot more. Debt threats, sleepless nights, pressure from investors, competitors creeping in every corner are some duties those business school brochures glamorously forget to mention. The fact is, making those brochures wallpaper-worthy is a job in itself. Believe me, the chances of you getting a peaceful 8-hour sleep in the initial years of your business is as close as Luna composing her first symphony. It’s not like it's altogether impossible, I mean I've seen Luna master 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', but you get my point.

Regular Employment: Challenges and Comforts

Then we look at the occasional daydream of being an employee. The thought itself makes me longingly gaze at Luna, comfortably nestled in her fluffy bed with no worries about tomorrow. But let's shake off this fantasy and dig a bit deeper. Sure, PJs are no longer acceptable office attire, and morning coffee might not be paired with your favorite show; but there is a certain predictability, certain security in working as an employee.

Here comes the punch line though - being an employee is not always a walk in the park either. Picture yourself as a worker bee, caught in the 9-5 swirl, dealing with office politics, stuck in the monotony, all while chasing unrealistic deadlines. And yes, let's not forget the plight of dear Luna, always longing for the piano but restricted by her kitty commitments.

Finding the Balance – The Hybrid Approach

Now, sit tight folks, because I'm about to introduce a third option - a hybrid approach, much like my own lifestyle that has carefully curated elements of both business-owning and employment. Crazy huh? Working from home, nurturing my own projects on one side, while managing contractual employment on the other. Trade-offs exist sure, but the sense of control is liberating, much like Max and his unending love for chasing his tail. This model isn't for everyone though, it's a bit like Luna's fascination with the piano; not every cat shares the same hobby.

The Hybrid Approach puts together both entrepreneurial spice and employment stability. So, it’s less about choosing and more about integrating - like the perfect blend of my coffee that fuels my days; a shot of business boldness, a dash of job security, whipped up in the espresso machine of life. Could I sound any more poetic? I'll give Luna the credit here, watching her attempt at 'Jingle Bells' has had some artsy influence on me.

Taking the Leap or Staying Grounded: What’s in the Cards for You?

Now let's for a moment imagine you are at that crossroads. The one with an inviting coffee van parked at one end, owned and run by you; shining with your ambitions and dreams. The other road ends at a well-established, reputable coffee factory, promising a stable income and clear career progression. It's like my moment of decision, whether to let Luna near the piano or give Max another shot at his tail-chasing dream.

The decision is as unique as you are. Whether you want the independence and challenges that come with being an entrepreneur or you are someone who thrives in a structured, predictable environment, the ultimate journey is yours to decide. Is there going to be a right or wrong decision? Absolutely not. It simply boils down to who you are as a person, your capabilities, your risk tolerance, and, above all, what brings you joy and fulfillment. That's what led Luna to her piano and Max to his tail-chasing adventures.

In conclusion, there is no one-size-fits-all answer, as owning a business or working for a business owner both have their unique set of challenges and perks. The choice should primarily revolve around your individual personality, priorities and a deep understanding of what it means to be an entrepreneur and an employee. Just remember, it's you who weaves your story, be it juggling tasks as an owner or delivering quality work as an employee. And in this wild run, don't forget to make space for the little joys of life, be it as simple as watching Luna play the piano or laughing at Max's enthusiastic tail-chasing session!

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