Thursday, May 23, 2013

Sanditon Library unveils new logo

The Sanditon Library has unveiled its new logo. It depicts an open book with a tree growing out of it. On the tree’s branches are icons that represent geography/travel, music, theater, sports, and science. This is intended to convey the notion that the Library is not just about books; rather, it is about learning and growth, ideas and imagination. There is also another layer of meaning in that not only does the Library have books about these and other topics, but it also has CDs (music), DVDs (theater), maps (geography), computers (science), and games (sports). In addition, the Library offers numerous programs and services that incorporates many, if not all, of these elements.


The new logo was designed by the creative folks at Sanditon Pixels (@SanditonPixels), who went through many iterations in order to accommodate our ideas and suggestions.

Come visit the library!

Twitter: @SanditonLib  




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